The Tax Self Assessment Deadline looms – 31st January 2012

The Tax Return deadline is upon us!! Many people will no doubt have analysed all their relevant financial affairs and completed and submitted their tax return already – or got their accountant agent or adviser to do this for them!

But a significant number of people, many of whom are self employed, will still be needing to wade into their accountant’s office, even now, with a bag full of receipts/bills and records and will be pleading with them, even at this late stage, to take pity on them and work into the small hours to complete and submit their tax return for them before the deadline expires!

Many accountants and agents have moved away from doing tax return work in January in order to avoid this eleventh hour toiling that some of their clients would otherwise expect them to do and which is so costly in terms of the time which has to be pulled off other planned work.

For accountants working for firms, taking time off work in January has traditionally been seen as a career limiting move!

February the 1st will probably still feel like the start of a fresh new era .

Happy New Year!!

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