A Little Sage with my Coffee

As usual after the “early” morning rush, known to many parents as the “School Run”(yes,Sage with my Coffee today it’s my turn!), I stopped off at my local Bagshot Newsagents to get my daily feed – the FT – on my way to the Bagshot office. As I left the store, I pondered on what further news of the markets and the financial world today’s paper would bring, having spent much of the early pre Run morning scouring trading reports, investment updates and opening analyses. I crossed the road at the zebra crossing and walked over to the newly refurbished Bagshot Coffee Shop, directly opposite. As I approached, I noticed the coffee shop window – inscribed across it was an interesting saying: “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift – that’s why it is called the present.” If nothing else, it brought a smile to my face. As I entered the shop to order my coffee, my mind reworked the mantra and as I left with my coffee a few minutes later, I resolved that we should all be grateful for the gift of the present and make the most of each “today”.

Posted by Neil A Sewell  

Photo Credit: SBG photostock

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