Market Numbers Friday 9th November 2012

Market Numbers

This Week:  After a more hopeful start to the week, the markets continued to improve toward the mid week, peaking at the 5918 level, before deteriorating to below start of week levels by the end of Wednesday in the aftermath of the Tuesday US Election results (see our Twitter Feed “Enjoy the Conversation” @3sbg). (From a social point of view, our understanding is that Obama’s re election as US President re affirms his policies on efforts such as US Health Care Reform, although capital markets appear to have taken a more cautious response to the prospects of a more socially minded government!) Thursday saw a slight pick up in the markets again as the end of the week approached, but with further declines on Friday to the week’s low point before a small rally ahead of the Friday close, the markets ended the week lower than at the start. FTSE 100 Peak: 5918.40; Trough: 5715.23

The Month: The high point over the last month remained the Peak at 5928.27 from three weeks ago. The low point of 5740.52 at the very start of October 2012 followed by a further low point of 5776.71 during the early part of the month was “pipped at the post” for the honour of Lowest Point by this week’s low during Friday of 5715.23. The FTSE 100 has so far returned to more or less a plateau, declining slightly over the last month, although it has experienced good rises and deep falls alike before reaching its current position, with an overall flat trend so far. Despite the rises and falls of this month, November has seen a general decrease in the overall level compared to three months ago, although the beginning of September saw a large dip before the index improved. 

The overall view of the last 6 months is more of a consolidated plateau at a higher level than the 6 months start. Just shy of the 5800 level compared to 5600.

The figures below are closing numbers as at Friday 9th November 2012

FTSE 100                              5769.68     -1.68%    on the week

FTSE All Share                     3014.98     -1.75%    on the week

Brent Crude $ per barrel    109.40       3.52%     on the week

Gold $ per troy ounce         1738.25      3.16%     on the week

Silver $ per troy ounce        32.16         0.75%     on the week

MPC Base Rate  %               0.50  (Bank of England Base/Repo Rate) since 05/03/2009

Euro Repo Rate %                0.75  since 05/07/2012

US Libor %                             0.15400   last week : 0.15600

Euro Libor %                         0.01286   last week : 0.01286

GBP Libor %                          0.48375   last week : 0.48375

Euro Euribor 3 mnths %     0.19   last week : 0.20

Sterling CDs 3 mnths %       0.61  last week : 0.49

RONIA  %                              0.4232  l wk : 0.4085  (Repurchase Overnight Index Ave Rate)

SONIA   %                              0.4414  l wk : 0.4344 (Sterling Overnight Index Ave Rate)

HFRX                                      1134.21         0.08%  on the week  (Global Hedge Fund Index)

One Pound will buy 1.5910 US Dollars

One Pound will buy 1.2518 Euros

CPI Inflation stands at 2.2% as at Sept 2012     Currently the Gov’t measure of inflation

Retail Prices Index :     2.6% as at Sept 2012     Previously the Gov’t measure of inflation

10 Year Government Bond (Gilt)  Price £100.23 Yield 1.72%

KEY to Important Indeces:

RONIA – Repurchase Overnight Index Average Rate – Launched June 2011

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