Capital Eyes on the Market – Tuesday 8th January 2013

We take a look at some of the recent activity and events taking place in the UK and globally. For a more in-depth insight into how things may impact on your own financial planning priorities, please do get in touch. Enjoy a financial conversation as part of your regular financial planning review at SewellBrydenGunn.
Land Registry reports Average House Price now at GBP 161,605 up 0.9%pc but completed house sales down 21%pc year on year vs Sept 2011…..
UK retains its lead in attracting European foreign direct investment (FDI) despite suffering a 7%pc decline in the number of inward investment projects. Germany’s share rose to 15%pc to second place – just 2%pc behind the UK, reports Ernst & Young 2012 UK Attractiveness Survey. According to the survey, the UK has sustained it’s lead as being the chosen location for one in five of all investment announcements across Europe since 2004….
Predictably, global shares show surge as US “Fiscal Cliff” averted in the 11th hour….In London on the opening day of trading for 2013, the FTSE 100 rose above 6000 for the first time since summer 2011 and closed up 2.2%pc.
Friday 4th January 2013 sees Gold values come off as US announces fiscal deal to avert Fiscal Cliff….
The US Fed has announced it is considering ending Quantitative Easing (QE) stimulus in 2013 it is reported….
Bank of England sees its flagship lending scheme begin to work – better consumer access to credit expected in 2013 it is reported….
US car sales are reported to have risen 13%pc in 2012, the fastest growth in two decades….
Basel global liquidity rules “liquidity coverage ratio” announced appear less onerous and will not be fully enforced until 2019….
Waitrose MD Mark Price warns of food price increases due to poor harvests affected by bad weather it is reported….
According to Deloittes, priorities of UK’s largest companies include cutting costs and bolstering cash flow in more defensive balance sheet measures. The Deloitte CFO Survey 2012 Q4: 2013 outlook reports that CFO’s enter 2013 in a more optimistic mood than they entered 2012 but are concerned that growth will be in short supply this year. CFOs seemed less concerned about company specific issues such as margins, cash flow and credit availability whilst greatest concerns relate to business regulation, infrastructure, energy and immigration…
Turkey has opened 19 new embassies in the African continent in the last 3 years as it seeks more global role….

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