Capital Eyes on the Market – Tuesday 15th January 2013

We take a look at some of the recent activity and events taking place in the UK and globally. For a more in-depth insight into how things may impact on your own financial planning priorities, please do get in touch. Enjoy a financial conversation as part of your regular financial planning review at SewellBrydenGunn.

Inflation protected government bond market yields dropped capital values rose after yesterday’s ONS decision to leave RPI calculation alone…..

China rebounds in exports and imports for 2012 pointing to stronger growth and cautiously optimistic outlook….

Nokia reports positive underlying profit margin in core mobile business as Microsoft partnership pays off….

Chinese iron ore imports rise in 2012 despite slowing overall economic growth it is reported……

Goldman Sachs is considering delaying its UK bonus payouts till after 6 April in a controversial tax move….

US bank stocks fall as net interest margins are reported as being the thinnest since 1950’s….

Govt plans to push through reforms giving shareholders “binding vote” on company pay later this year….

Swatch buys US high end watch and jewellery company Harry Winston for USD 1 bn …..

Pension reforms announced – a longer working period (35 yrs up from 30) for the full pension…..

HMV finally set to call in the administrators after a less than amazing Christmas trading period….

Burberry the luxury retailer shows good performance…..

Riskier Junk bonds with lower returns (higher capital trading value) signal a return of bullish investor sentiment towards a better less risky 2013 – junk bonds still yield higher returns than investment grade bonds, so the inflow of surplus cash (which has to go somewhere) into ordinarily riskier high yield bonds is indicative of a turn in market view…..

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