We have a tried and tested approach to the services we are able to offer our clients and which we discuss with all new enquiries in our first meeting “Initial Discussion”.

Firstly, in our discussions and then in the more detailed Discovery (Fact Find) analysis and susequent research, our primary purpose is to establish what drives you, what are your passions, your dreams, your goals and then to agree with you how this will shape your immediate objectives. Naturally we also need to know as much detail as possible about your personal and or business financial circumstances and priorities.

Clients tell us that we have a decidedly different and unique approach. Our attention to the detail of what the client really wants both now and over their lifetime, rather than just selling them a product, sets us apart from other financial advisers and wealth managers. All advisers can sell you a pension plan or investment fund. Very few have what is takes to consider the bigger picture.

Our approach to the work we do is by team and collaborative effort. This also sets us apart and makes our service offering unique. Our aim is to build a strong relationship with you, not only from a Financial Planning point of view but also working behind the scenes to help you to achieve what you want. We take care of all the administration as well as research and reporting.

We are very accessible. We do not insist that you come to see us at our offices, although we always welcome clients who prefer to have their meetings with us here. We appreciate how busy you are so make best use of the telephone and email to stay in touch throughout the year.

We want to be available when you need us. We know that you will value our opinions and we are always happy to have a conversation with you.

Call us on or complete our enquiry form to arrange your meeting.


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